Monday, December 31, 2012

Four Weeks Old!

My baby is four weeks old today! Still just as laid back, still just as sweet, and still just as adorable as ever! I love him so, so much, and I'm so blessed to be his momma!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow Much Fun!

Yesterday, we ventured out for all of about twenty minutes with the toddler. He loved the snow! :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Snow

A white Christmas! It has been beautiful! We're staying at my parents' house enjoying yummy food, a cozy fire, and the snow of course!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

So Long, Finn McMissile

About two months ago, I was sitting in the kitchen eating lunch when the toddler came up to me and dropped his Finn McMissile car on my knee. It was an accident, but I cannot even tell you how badly it hurt. I cried harder than I can ever remember. I've broken ten bones in my twenty-five years, and I literally thought I was going to have to go to the hospital.

I know. So dramatic. But I'm totally not kidding.

So, this morning, I was in the kitchen cleaning up breakfast, baby boy was sleeping in the living room, the toddler was running all around, and Mr. Hubby was back in our bedroom grabbing some extra zzzzz's. All of a sudden, I heard him yell. I turned the water off and froze. The toddler was sent (crying and screaming) to time-out, and I could gather from what was going on that my husband had been hurt.

I walked back into our bedroom. "Babe, what's going on!?"

And then I saw the blood dripping down his chin.

The culprit?

Yep. He'd struck again. Finn McMissile.

Apparently, while my husband was sleeping, the toddler had crawled up on our bed and thrown his Finn McMissile car directly into Daddy's face. 

I felt so bad for my husband, because I knew how bad it hurt when the toddler accidentally dropped the heavy car on my knee. My hubby was pulling out a bunch of medical stuff (like how technical I am?). He said, "I need to stitch this up."

My response? "You are not stitching this up! If this were your leg or something, fine. But, babe, it's your face!" (And a verrrrrry good looking face, I might add.)

So my husband decided to steri-strip his face, but he quickly discovered that because of where the deep cut was, he couldn't put a steri-strip on it.

And that's when I called my uncle, who just so happens to be a plastic surgeon. "Can you please stitch my husband up?" I asked. 

Needless to say, Finn McMissile is G-O-N-E. (As in, he's been stuffed in the t.v. cabinet in our room, never to emerge.) And all day, the toddler has been saying, "I hurt Daddy's face." He's devastated that one of his favorite cars is "all gone," but the hubbs and I have decided that since Mommy and Daddy have both been seriously hurt by this car, that as fate would have it, the baby is next--and we're pretty sure he couldn't handle Mr. McMissile. ;)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Week Two!

Week two is complete! And just as with week one, I'm left slightly baffled that this whole newborn baby/two kids thing isn't leaving me too worn and ragged. :)

This one loves to eat, eat, eat, eat! For his one week check-up, he weighed 7 lb. 10 oz. (he weighed 7 lb. 6 oz. at birth). Most babies lose weight in their first week of life, so his doctor declared, "That's pretty darn impressive for an 8 day old!" Yes, sir! They measured him incorrectly at the hospital (at 18.5"); he is actually 20" long. 

He's still sleeping fairly well at night. He goes for 2 hour stretches at a time. And I don't know about you, but two straight hours of sleep feels heavenly to me!

The hubbs has been out of town, which (I'm not gunna' lie) isn't easy. I don't know why it never occurred to us that we were planning for a baby right in the smack dab middle of residency interview season, but c'est la vie. I'm not the first momma to have to handle two by herself!

I feel like this week I got my first real taste of what having two is like. We dropped big brother off at school and picked him up, made grocery shopping trips, delivered Christmas cookies to friends, and went out to lunch at our favorite sandwich place in town (Lenny's Subs). It wasn't difficult, except for walking into places. Carrying a baby carrier in one hand and holding the hand of my toddler in the other is super straining on the muscles. Buff momma arms soon, please! Cuz my weak little arms aren't cutting it! By the time we make it to Walmart or Target and I get both of them in the basket, I seriously feel like I've been at shot put practice! [Side note: I also learned this week that the mega-super-ginormous carts at Target are terrible, horrible, no good, and very bad. Never making that mistake again.] 

The toddler is still just as in love with his little brother--actually, more! He wants to hug and kiss him all day. I constantly am finding remnants of yogurt and goldfish on the baby's head from where big brother gave him a kiss! And the question I get asked every single day? "He wants to play cars, Mommy?" Oh, heavens! I tell him, "He's too little to play cars with you right now, but when he's bigger, he will definitely want to!" I keep finding trucks and cars tucked in with the little one. It seems big brother isn't wanting to wait. :)

So, overall, a very successful week! I'm learning to be a momma of two precious boys and figuring out our new normal. Now, will interview season be O-V-E-R so I can get my hubby back, please!?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Date Night!

Tonight, the hubbs and I got away for a fun date night!

We went to dinner at Flying Fish--one of our favorite restaurants! We split 1 lb. of boiled shrimp and a basket full of warm, delicious hush puppies. Yum, yum, yum!


I think my husband thought it would be really funny for me to consume an enormous margarita and then go ice skating (which I totally stink at), because after dinner, we walked down to the River Market Building and went ice skating! We had a blast! There was an inordinate amount of laughing, clinging to the side of the rink (it was me and the five year olds), and smooching. ;)

Then, to top off the perfect evening?

Yumzers. :) Gosh, I love my hubby! He's the best!

Baby's First Walk

A couple of days ago, we took the boys on a walk--it was the first one for the little guy! :) It felt so good to get some exercise, and let me tell you (if you don't already know): those double strollers are no joke! I walk every day, and I could tell a huge difference now that I'm pushing a double; that is no easy task!

The toddler loves taking walks (who wouldn't if you got pushed in a stroller?). He especially loved that his brother came, too! 

Can you say, "Total ham!?"

Little brother slept the whole time. :)

Yay for a successful first walk with both boys! Aren't they just the cutest!? :)