Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adventuring, Napping, And Golfing

Yesterday started off with a playdate at the Old Mill. We soaked up the amazing weather. I don't think I've ever seen the Mill look so picturesque. Springtime is definitely the right time of year to pack a picnic and head out there.

The boys had so much fun running through the woods, finding rocks and sticks. These two have been buddies since the toddler was just weeks old; it's always sweet to see them playing together. The toddler chased two ducks all the way into the water, and we had fun spotting turtles.

Of course there was the inevitable finger-up-the-nose picture. Ugh, I do not understand what little boys find so fascinating about boogers.

Aaaaand, the inevitable trip to time-out.

After we left the Mill, I decided to drive to Conway to visit my sister. We hung out at her apartment for an hour or so. The toddler is always thrilled to be with Aunt Coco! And, bonus! There was construction going on, and the toddler stood at the window pointing out the backhoe loader and the forklift. (Yes, my child knows the exact names for these machines. You learn so much when you have a boy.)

And, once again, we had the inevitable trip to time-out.

After we left Conway, we headed home for naps. And yes, I do mean naps for both of us. I've been so tired lately. Thankfully, the toddler napped for over four hours, and I napped for over two hours. Heavenly!! When we got up, it was time to clean the house, because I was having my family over to eat dinner with us. We had such a great time together. The hubbs showed up (after taking 36-hour call) just in time. I hadn't seen him in two days! I made white chili--a recipe from my friend Christi. Everyone loved it!

The evening ended with a game of golf with BeeGee. I can't think of a more perfect ending to a great day! :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Where Could He Be?

I just can't seem to find him.

I've searched the house high and low.

I know that little ham has to be around here somewhere!

Oh, there he is! :)

Funny/random story about my little dryer-dweller. This morning, we were walking outside and it was about 48 degrees. Cooooold. I told the little man to come on and hurry up! He said, with misery in his voice, "Momma! Hot!"

"No, hun, it's cold--not hot."

I loaded him in the car with his teeth chattering, and he said it again, "Too hot. Too hot."

"Baby, it's not too hot. It's cold! Brrrr!"

And what does he hit me with at 7:00 AM?


I guess he should have stayed in the dryer all day.

Oh, how this one keeps me laughing! :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Take To The Green

Last night was the perfect night for relaxing in the backyard. We had been doing yard work all day, and when the hubbs volunteered to grill, I said, "Yes, please!" Grilling = no work for me. So, while the meat sizzled and smoked on the grill, we decided to play a lovely game of golf. As you can see, while the toddler has excellent counting skills, his golfing skills are not quite up to par. ;)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Get Glad

Last night, I attended the JDRF Gala. And it got me thinking that the things in my life that I think are big, aren't. Most of the time, they're very small.

I saw in the faces of the children who were diagnosed with type-1 diabetes frustration, but I also saw something that surprised me: gladness. Glad to be alive. Glad that their disease means something to a lot of people who want to help fund research. Glad that one day there will be a cure.

And I thought if an eight year old can be glad in the midst of her struggle with a disease, I can be glad for the things that might seem burdensome in my life. I can be glad that we're on this eleven-year medical journey. Glad that God puts challenges in my life that I don't like, that I don't enjoy, that (quite frankly) tick me off. Glad that I don't know where we'll be living in one year, in six years, or in eight years. Glad that the future isn't in my hands, and that my plans make God laugh. Glad that I have a healthy two-year-old terror. Glad that while I don't get to see my husband often, I do get to see him daily unlike so many military spouses. Glad that my house is cozy, tiny, and messy. Glad that while I struggle to not be the center of my own universe, that God is stretching me and holding my hand every step of the way.

I'm also glad for the little things.

Like watching my son play with the hubby's scooter from his childhood.

Like chalking up the driveway, sidewalk, walkway, and the house and front door (when Mommy isn't looking).

Like the fact that last week, if you asked the toddler what color something was, everything was "yellow." This week, it's "red."

Like watching my son "push" the hubbs down the hill in our front yard, and watching each of their expressions: one of sheer pain and one of sheer joy. :)

Like throwing a party and jumping up and down every time we find a "dana-lion." We even greet them before plucking them. The toddler bends over, waves his hand, and says, "Hi, dana-lion."

Like the gloriousness that is blowing bubbles. I mean, honestly, it's one of my favorite things in the world to do. Even when the toddler totally loses interest, I still find myself standing in the middle of the yard blowing hundreds of bubbles.

Like chasing down my little angel while he runs away as fast as he can.

Everyone likes to feel glad, right? Glad about the things that bring joy, growth, new adventures.

I want to try to take the things that are challenging, that might breed worry, and be glad.

"Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!" -Philippians 4:4

Every morning, when I go in to get the toddler, I always say, "This is the day the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!"

So, how 'bout it? Let's praise God for the many blessings that--despite the inevitable storms in life--He rains down on us.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Between "Baff" Time and Bedtime

Between bathtime (or "baff" time) and bedtime is when the toddler is oh so adorable. He smells clean. He runs around the house in his jammies. But most of all, he acts extra adorable in an attempt to stave off bedtime. And sometimes it works. :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Last weekend, my hubby threw a surprise party for my 25th birthday! I was totally surprised, too! I had spent the afternoon with my precious momma, shopping, buying new patio furniture (woo hoo!), getting a mani/pedi, grabbing drinks at Sonic, and I had no idea she was keeping me out of the house while my hubby, my dad, and my brothers got everything set up for the party! I felt so loved! It was a great party, and I told my hubby he won "Husband of the Year Award" for this. Lol! :)

The food was amazing! My hubby got two carrot cakes for me! And one looked just like a quarter and had my birth year as the year on the coin! And I was overwhelmed by how many people came to celebrate on the night before Easter! My momma and I had a good laugh, because the people who stayed and partied till the very end were the ones with kids!!! That's right--we know how to really party! ;)

Now, enjoy the most candid pictures ever taken.