Monday, July 29, 2013

Trip To North Carolina

I was very excited when my Aunt C invited me to her beautiful home for my cousin's birthday party/going away party. I wrote her back, "Yes! We'd love to!" Since the hubbs is working nights right now, he gets home on Friday at about 9:30 AM and he has to be back into work Sunday at 5:00. So, it was a quick trip--and it was a wonderful trip! The drive was only a little over two hours. Not bad at all!

It was good for my soul to be around family. It was so peaceful and soothing to be around people who've known me my whole life and who deeply love me and whom I deeply love. I mean, really. When you leave most of your family 13 hours behind, it is a true blessing to have some family only two hours away!

The toddler ran around the backyard with my cousin, he caught his very first fish with Uncle K and Daddy, and he pretty much had the time of his life!

The party was so much fun! There were lots of people gathered on the back porch, eating a yummy meal, and listening to the rain storm. Um, perfection, yes. We stayed up late that night, playing games. Have you ever played Quelf before? I think it should be renamed "Awkward." ;)

Me and my cousins. They're wonderful, and I love them a lot. :)
The next morning, my uncle made my favorite. . . blueberry pancakes! Yumzers! And coffee! Blueberry pancakes + coffee + family = heaven. The toddler and my uncle watched some cartoons together and discussed cows and other important matters. :)

When we left, we decided to go see Duke University--where my dad graduated. It is only 30 minutes away. We walked through Duke Gardens, the toddler got to feed some ducks, the baby ate copious amounts of lilcrunchies cheese puffs and yogurt bites, and I (for about the 35th time in the past 2 weeks) was unbelievably grateful to be living in such a beautiful part of the country.

And here we are, at the start of a new week! I hope your week is full of blessings! :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Well, Here We Are

Well, we're here! We're officially in Virginia! After a 13 hour drive through gorgeous mountains and major cities, we made it (all thanks to my mother, who kept the baby mostly quiet while I drove).

About two hours outside of Roanoke, I started freaking out. I started majorly regretting the fact that I'd never visited before. Are you insane!? You've never seen this place before. And now you're moving here. With your two small babies. And you don't have a house yet. And you have to live in an apartment for three months. And your husband is in the middle of working 15 hour night shifts. And And And. Panic Attack. Help. Breathe. Breathe. 

Okay, I'm breathing.

I'm breathing.

And in fact, when I drove into the city, it was breathtaking. Really. It's gorgeous here. We're surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains--absolutely surrounded. The hospital that my husband works at is in the side of a mountain. No joke. The downtown has massive steeples, historic buildings, cute storefronts. And to top it off? It really is southern. And I like to think of myself as The Queen of All Things Southern. The people here are so friendly! They'll call you "honey" and chat with you about anything! So, it's beautiful and the people are nice.

And I'm still breathing.

Despite the fact that I'm a little bit scared, that I've developed allergies and am feeling miserable, and that both of my children are going on day 6 of Fifth Disease.


Okay, how about some pictures? Pictures are happy! :)

Here's the toddler, enjoying a Spongebob push pop (at 9:20 PM--I know, Mom of the Year). We've become snuggle buddies with Daddy gone at night.

And here's my "baby" (7 months old, TWENTY ONE pounds, and he wore one of his brother's 2T shirts yesterday) eating his lilcrunchies.

The toddler thought it was especially cool that Daddy brought home some laparoscopic surgery instruments.

And we did actually go to the park before the boys broke out in red spots from their heads to their sweet toes. So, here's the proof:

Okay, so we're here. And I'm breathing. And hopefully soon, we will find a cute house, and a wonderful church, and an amazing group of friends! :)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dear Daddy, Day 29

Baby boy is 7 months old today! We played with friends! We had a special lunch! Blew bubbles! Watched Movie Rockets 2! ;) MISSED YOU! Xo!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear Daddy, Day 27

Good luck on your first night on call! We love you, and we will see you soon!!!