Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Outer Banks Vacay 2015

This summer, we went to Southern Shores in the Outer Banks for our family vacation. We had a relaxing, fun time with my parents and my brothers.

Nathan and Jack could not get enough of the beach. They wanted to spend every waking moment out there! We ate great seafood, soaked up the fam, visited a lighthouse, went shopping, and just all around had a BALL!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Race Day!

Today, my hubby and I ran in a race to support the hospital that Scott works at. So fun! We got a babysitter for the boys (early on a Saturday morning. . . no small task), and we headed out. After listening to me go on and on about racing for a year and a half, Scott decided he'd give it a try. Of course, he's awesome!

I had already warned him: "I want to run this race fast." As I'm training for a half marathon that's a couple of months away, 3.1 miles is an easy distance to run at a fast pace.

And run fast we did! My only disappointment was that the course was goofed up. We ended up running 3.42 miles with a time of 30:09.

The best part? We both placed! I placed second in the women's age category 25-29, and Scott placed second in the men's. Neither one of us was expecting to place with there being 140 runners. That was pretty cool!

And how do you celebrate such a victory? With mimosas and bacon, of course! (Well, when you're paying a babysitter you do!)