Friday, November 20, 2015

Jack's 3rd Birthday Party!

Jack was so, so, so excited for his birthday party! This was definitely the first birthday party that he was looking forward to, talking about non-stop, and wanting to be involved in the details and planning. He was such a big boy!

For the first year ever, we had a birthday party outside of the house. {Gasp! I know!} And it was wonderful! And SO much less stressful! We had his birthday party at Bounce! And every single second was fun!

Of course BeeGee came in town to celebrate the birthday boy!

And of course Daddy also got out there and played on the inflatables!

Oh! And, bonus! There was a wind tunnel hurricane tube for the kiddos. My children LOVED it! {Er, some of the other kiddos . . . not so much.}

So many of Jack's little buddies were able to come! He is one very loved little boy!

Jack was pretty darn excited about his cake. It was chocolate, because my Jack Attack loooooves chocolate. And it had Dusty on it!

He was such a big boy! While all of his friends sang him Happy Birthday, he stood up there and looked like king of the world. He loved every minute of being the center of attention!

What a fun birthday party! I can't believe my baby is turning THREE! Oy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wild Kratts Live

Last night, Scott and I took the boys to Wild Kratts Live! "Wild Kratts" is an animated nature/animal show on PBS that both of the boys enjoy.

They were super excited to put on their creature power suits. I think they must have asked me fifty times if it was time to go yet!

We were on the second row, so we had great seats! And this picture below? It sums them up perfectly. Nathan was IN HEAVEN. I mean, he could not possibly have been more into it! And Jack? He was definitely mesmerized, but the entire.way.home. he kept saying, "That was too scary! I didn't like that! I don't want to go to that again!"

We had a fun evening, despite Jack being a little overwhelmed! :)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had such a fun Halloween, especially since both of my parents came to Roanoke! Nathan was a "tarantula," and Jack was Buzz Lightyear! Both of the boys got LOTS of candy! :)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Chateau Morrisette

On Saturday, my parents and I drove to Chateau Morrisette Winery. It was about an hour and fifteen minutes from Roanoke. I had heard wonderful things about the restaurant there, so I made a reservation for the weekend that my parents were visiting.

Part of the drive was on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This time of year, a drive on the Parkway is breathtaking in beauty.

We had such a nice time! We toured the winery, which I would highly recommend. We had such a wonderful tour guide, named Austin. He gave us a fantastic tour!

Then, we had our wine tasting. While I really didn't care for many of the wines, it was still fun, fun!

Then, we had a delicious lunch at the restaurant. It was heavenly to get one-on-one time with just me and my parents.

The 2015 Halloween Parade

While this is the third year for Nathan to be in the Halloween parade, it is the first year for Jack! It was so sweet to see both of my boys walking in the preschool Halloween parade. And of course they were the cutest! :)

Both of my parents came in town for the parade. So fun! And Scott was able to get away from the SICU for twenty minutes to see the boys.

Nathan's class, the Wise Owls, went first in the parade!

Then came Jack's class, the Busy Bees! I was so excited to see Jack in his very first parade. {Also, I might have wanted to cry just a tiny bit!}