Friday, December 30, 2016

Three Months Old

Henry, you are such a sweet baby! Heavens, you are loved and adored!!

You go to bed around 8:00 PM, and you usually wake up around 7:30 AM. You like to be left alone in your crib, though, for about twenty minutes after I unswaddle you! {Yes, you're still sleeping swaddled!}

So far, you are growing, growing--but still smaller than your brothers were at this age! You're wearing 0-3 month clothes.

You nurse about eight times a day, which is pretty easy for me considering I work full time from home now!

Your brothers are still just as obsessed with you as they were on day one! They hold your hands, kiss your head, and snuggle you when you're laying on the floor.

You've discovered your hands! You're grabbing on to things, big boy! And oh, the sweet babbling noises you make! We call you "the senator," because you like to talk so much. I bet you'll be an early talker like your big brothers were. You've just started to laugh! It's my new favorite sound in the whole universe.

You are loved, sugar boy!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Life Lately (or playing catch-up!)

I have been SO terrible about blogging lately! (Psh! Can't imagine WHY!) So, lots of these photos are a month old, but they're so precious that they must be shared.

Henry really tried to find his thumb to suck. Most of the time, though, he cannot find it! He does like the pacifier more than his brothers ever did.

Here's Jack, Henry, and I for Henry's two month check-up last month. He weighed 11 pounds 11 ounces! Growing boy! And he did great getting his shots. Took 'em like a champ!

I think that Henry is going to be a snuggler like Jack is! Wahoo! I do love a good snuggle! :)

Everyone--and I do mean everyone--says that Henry looks JUST like Jack! Their baby pictures do look crazy similar. Some people have started calling Henry "mini Jack!"

When my mom was in town, we got our Christmas tree. Always a frasier fir for this family!

My mom came in town for Jack's fourth birthday, and she and the boys had fun making a gingerbread house! It was the boys' first time to make one!

Nathan's school is having "elf day" at school next week. I bought him an elf hat and a decorating kit. Best $2 I've ever spent on this kid! He had so much fun decorating his hat!

My friend Meg had her baby, Margaret, last week! We stopped by and visited. Isn't it crazy the difference in just two and a half months!? (And yes, you'll notice, yet another one of my babies has a melon head! 94th percentile!)

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Jack Turns Four!

I cannot believe that Jack is four years old! The big birthday boy wanted to have his party at Bounce! And bounce we did! (The dad did LOTS of bouncing with the kiddos. So fun!)

All of Jack's friends were there, and everyone had such a fun time! Could that birthday boy in the middle be ANY cuter!?

For dinner, Jack requested "pepperoni pizza from Papa Johns." So, that's what we had! Easy peasy!

Happy birthday, Jack Ryan! You are SO loved, cherished, and treasured! I'm so proud of you!!