Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Life Lately

1. Five Days of Fever and One Day of Bliss

A few weeks ago, Nathan was sick for five days--that's major, especially for my son who never gets sick! He had a very persistent fever, and on the second day {when it got up to 103.8!}, I took him to the pediatrician for a flu swab. Negative. But on day four, I wasn't really believing the results. When the fever was gone, and Nathan was back to feeling well, you should have seen these two. Normally, they wrestle and fight Nope. They couldn't get enough of each other--for at least one day. ;)

2. Visiting Daddy at Work

This implies that we get a meal with Daddy and spend some time chatting about our days. No, not so much. It's more like, "Pick me up by the ER, we'll circle the hospital, and then I have to go." Well, we'll take what we can get. And it's even better when Daddy has an awesome surgical cap to give away!

3. Legos: The Bane of My Existence

Of course, at the ripe old age of four, my son is obsessed with Legos. So, they're everywhere. Under the coffee table. On the couch. Scattered around the kitchen. Those tiny, evil things meet one fate when they're singled out, alone, in all their smallness. . . and my trash can isn't talking.

4. Mr. Cool

Jack Bean is obsessed with some shades, okay?? Pretty much anytime the sun is out, he says, "Mommy, too bright. Too bright. I want glasses!" And apparently, sometimes, it's too bright inside, too.

5. Daddy is Home!

We're so unbelievably thrilled to be finished with the {almost!} six months of nights. It's wonderful to have Scott home in the evenings! What a huge blessing after flying solo from July 1 through the week before Christmas!

6. The Napping House

Most days, Jack is the only one around here who takes a nap. But sometimes, I'll find Nathan asleep while Jack is napping upstairs. Nap time is precious work time around here; no naps for Mommy!

7. Slow Down, Baby Boy

Can we talk about my Jack Bean, please? Just in the last couple of weeks, he has started using articles, pronouns, and prepositions all the time! And--about twice a day--now he's telling me when he needs to go potty! Woohoo!

I love this boy to pieces. The afternoon that I took these photos, I crept into his room and just watched him sleep. When he woke up, I kissed his cheek and snuggled up next to him. He immediately said, "Bear hunt, Mommy?" So, we read We're Going on a Bear Hunt, and then we laughed at the bear and made fun of him--because he's definitely not a scary bear. ;)

8. The Largest Giraffe in the World

"Mommy, I'm going to draw the largest giraffe in the world." #success

9. Slow Down, Big Boy

I mean, wow. This firstborn son of mine is so interesting and intelligent and passionate. I love to hear his thoughts and talk with him. It's funny how we spend months and months throwing away dirty diapers, scrubbing peach shampoo into little scalps, kissing our sleep goodbye, picking up babies with outstretched arms, buckling little ones into car seats. And then it happens. One day, they want to play by themselves in their room. They can buckle themselves in their own carseat. And they have opinions. And deep, deep thoughts. And you find yourself having a conversation over dinner about drama between friends or how he swam at swim practice or thoughts about Heaven and Jesus or "Mom, how do you spell coyote?" Whoa. I'm fairly certain I'm loving every minute of it.

10. Lunch after Church

Most Sundays, Scott is working. And since I teach Sunday school first service, and attend second service solo, by the time we get out of church, I'm pooped. But sometimes, Daddy can make it! And on those days, we try to always go out to lunch.

Life lately. It's full of Crayola markers, coffee, construction paper, laundry, runs, work work work, early early mornings, playdates, tears, laughter, family movie nights. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Decorating For Less

When we first moved into our house here in Roanoke, I couldn't wait to start decorating each room! But, as I knew we were going to be living here for five years AND we didn't have too much on the agenda, I decided I was going to slowly decorate and keep my eyes peeled for deals.

I feel, perhaps with a touch of hubris, that I've become somewhat of a pro.

I want to share some of the things I've bought since we moved into our house AND how much they've cost.

1. Cream wingback chair for the living room: $20

2. Small table for our master bedroom: $15

3. Window bench for Nathan's room: $10

4. Table for living room {from 1896!!}: $20

5. Armchair for my office: $5

6. Chest of drawers for our master bedroom: $10

7. Armchair for Nathan's room: $5

8. Cream wingback chair for our master bedroom: $20

9. Red chair for playroom: $10

I feel I am completely ruined for ever spending real money on furniture for the rest of my life! I love my new hobby; and I love how the house is slowly coming together!

An Evening For Ice Cream

"It's Friday night," I said over the phone to Scott {who was working}, "Let's go out and do something fun!" As my husband is always up for fun, he quickly agreed.

We went to a Mexican restaurant downtown for dinner, where we annoyed the wait staff, spilled Sprite all over Mommy, dumped more chips on the floor than were on our table, and happened to be sitting next to a doctor who works with Scott. {Did I mention we left an enormous tip?}

After we left the restaurant, and largely thanks to my margarita, I said, "Hey! Let's go get ice cream!"

"YEAH!!!!" the boys shouted.

So, ice cream it was!

Nathan got cake batter ice cream with gummy bears and gummy worms. {I think you have to be four to order that.}

Jack got cake batter ice cream with sprinkles.

And Scott and I soaked up a fun ice cream date with our two favorite little guys!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Dusting

On Wednesday, we had a light dusting of snow. This is my very favorite sort of snow.

Here was the view out my living room window:

We've been out of town for the two snows that Roanoke has had so far this winter. So, I was anxious and excited for the boys to try out their new snow gear! I was so proud of myself for not being unprepared {as I most certainly was last year}.

The boys had a blast! And the best thing about a dusting? It doesn't make for much of a mess, and you can be out and about that evening!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jack's 2 Year Check Up

This morning was Jack's two-year check up. Crazy.

And yes, while I am perfectly aware {thank you very much} that his two-year check up is happening one month AFTER he has turned two, that's the price you pay for switching pediatricians for the third (!) time since moving here and finally {thank You, Jesus!} finding one who's awesome.

His check up was mainly centered on his breathing, which totally stunk today. He has been wheezing non-stop since Sunday afternoon.

"I'm going to put him on an oral steroid," the doctor said {after Jack had a ten minute breathing treatment with no improvement}. "He'll take that for five days, and then you can follow up with me next week."

"Um, would you mind just giving him a steroid shot instead?" {Being married to a doctor has made me a bit bolder, I'd say.} "He's just SO awful at taking anything orally." And he really is. Trust me. Getting Tylenol in this kid is an act.of.Congress.

"Sure," the doctor said.

So, we got a steroid shot instead of a Hepatitis A vaccine, which he was supposed to get at his check up.

But, if I am nothing else, I am a momma of my word. If you get a shot, and your last name is "Ryan," you get a cupcake, dangit.

"Jack, Jack, Jack, we're going to go to Bubblecake, okay?" I said, leaning over him as the nurse got ready to inject the steroid shot. "Okay? Bubblecake?"

Jack is a man, in case you're unaware {96th percentile for height; 91st percentile for weight}. He totally didn't need me leaning over him, reassuring him. He cried for .1 seconds, and then he was fine. "Bubblecake, Mommy? Get a cupcake, okay?"

"Okay, Bubblecake. Let's go."

Only one problem.

Bubblecake was closed. {Cue SCREAMING from the backseat.}

SO, Kroger it was--to stupidly purchase SIX bright blue cupcakes {I could literally--literally--see the blue food coloring pooling on the icing.}

I'm so excited that Jack is two. We're starting to get into potty training. He's using lots of complete sentences throughout the day. That two-year-old attitude is rearing is UGLY head, and that's no fun, but it's part of the territory.

I'm so thankful for Jack. He pushes me in ways that Nathan never, never has. And yet, he makes me laugh harder than anyone else. My favorite thing about my "Jack Bean?" He says "YES!" to everything. Everything. Want to go to Kroger so Mommy can put gas in her car? "YES!" Want to go to the doctor's office for your two-year check up? "YES!" Want to go to the Athletic Club? "YES!" I call him "Yes, Man," sometimes because he has that sort of attitude: pull yourself up, have a great attitude, and accept what life brings you. THAT, friends, is my Jack Man.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Batman And The Cold, Cold Day

Well, when it's a whopping six degrees outside with a windchill of -7, you STAY AT HOME {if you can!}. So, when my friend texted me this morning, asking if they could come over, I said, "Yes, yes! Please!" It was the perfect way to spend a frigid morning. We even stayed in our jammies! Well, until the costumes came out. . .

Friday, January 2, 2015

A Reflection On 2014

Wow, we're all done with 2014? Really? That went by quickly!

We're in the swing of things here in Virginia. Loving life. Loving our friends. Loving our church. Learning to rely on Christ more and more as the comforts of family and a husband who's around a bit more are things of the past. :)

Scott loves surgery residency so, so, so much {If I could put seventy-nine "so's" in there, I would}. He loves the program at Virginia Tech. He loves the hospital. He loves operating. He loves his fellow residents and attendings. It's AWESOME. It's no longer some great, mysterious unknown. Nah. We're a year-and-a-half in. We got this.

The boys. They're getting older. {Refrain from saying, "Duh, Emily."} It's AWESOME. I have the total and complete opposite of baby fever; it's called "toddler joy." It's where you look around and realize that most mornings, you get to drink your coffee while it's still hot. You've almost got a diaperless house. You get to sleep through the night. You get to take showers in the morning. I know! Real showers! So, I'm loving this stage we're entering. The boys are much more independent, and it makes things a lot easier on this momma.

Running. In case you're unaware, I fell in love with it back in February 2014. We're still going strong. Just this morning, as I was starting to run, I had a goofy-dumb-can't-control-it smile on my face. Why? Because running feels so good I literally have dreams where I'm just running. I constantly Google what races are coming up. Love, love, love. Also, as a direct result of this, I've lost twenty-six pounds in the last year, and now weigh what I did on my wedding day. Hello. Can't complain about that.

Work. I'm completely adjusted to working full-time from home. Yes, there are a lot of early mornings and late nights, but I've got it down. I've learned to take my phone conferences while the boys are at school, and I also learned {the hard way} that when my boys are at home and awake, I'm not working. There was too much mommy guilt--I was practically drowning in it.

Arkansas. It feels so, so far away. I just love seeing my family, and I wish they were closer. But I never, and I mean never, sit around thinking, "Gosh, I wish I lived in Arkansas." Sorry, but it's the truth. I really love where God has us right now in Virginia.

2014 was a fantastic year--so, so, so much better than the stinky 2013. I have high hopes for 2015! Here we go! :)