Friday, January 20, 2017

Four Months Old

I can hardly believe that my baby Henry is four months old! The time is truly flying by!

He has already doubled his birth weight. Go big boy!

He had a fantastic check up! "Hen Hen," as Jack calls him, got another round of vaccines, and he took 'em like a champ. Gosh, I love this little boy. He truly brings me SO much JOY!

Monday, January 9, 2017

New Year's Hike

On the first day of 2017, we took our first hike as a family of five. We hiked for about an hour and fifteen minutes on the Appalachian Trail, which happens to run just about a twenty minute drive from our house.

We had a really fun time. The weather was cold, but not uncomfortable. And this time of year, with no leaves on the trees, the vistas were incredible!

We eventually had to turn back. The trail literally went along the side of a massive mountain. The whole trail was covered in fallen leaves, was about two feet wide, and had a couple hundred foot drop on the side. I walked about ten yards with Nathan, turned around to Scott, and yelled, "Nope! We're not doing this. Not safe!" If I had just taken a stumble, Henry and I would have been loooooong gone. So, we decided to turn around.

Nathan enjoyed climbing on the boulders along the side of the trail, and Jack had fun collecting LOTS of acorns. See his jacket pocket in this picture? He must have stuffed about seventy or so acorns in there!

Henry only fussed a couple of times. We kept him bundled up and warm!

What a special way to welcome in 2017!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

So Much Sweetness

Oh sure, these days are long and tiring. My patience wears thin. I think I'm drowning trying to juggle a full time job, raising three sons, staying on top of the laundry, keeping the house clean, being married to a surgical resident, and on and on. 

But don't think for one moment that I don't stop to capture the sweetness. So much sweetness. Nathan and Jack running through the house, wrestling and laughing. Henry shaking his rattle. The older boys kissing all over "Hen Hen," and me having to tell them for the millionth time to "be gentle with Henry!" Jack singing his favorite song, which is, "Mommy's so cute!!" on repeat over and over. Building Legos with Nathan in the basement, and hearing all about the little worlds he's creating. Henry babbling and spitting and giggling. Jack "reading" a book to Henry.

I soak it up. It's what keeps me going.

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016! Another Christmas with just us in Roanoke. Oh, and Henry's first Christmas! I would love to say it was magical, but actually, all five of us were sick with colds. Bleh. Yes, all of us were coughing and sneezing and sniffling and taking Tylenol and Advil...and for me, eventually, a z pack. It was the first Christmas of my life that I didn't attend the Christmas Eve service.

The boys were still bound and determined to go and sprinkle reindeer food out in the front yard, for Santa's reindeer to eat. I'll never forget it: Everything was soaking wet outside from the rain, and Jack completely skipped the yard, ran out to our brick walkway, and tossed his oats and glitter {oops, I mean reindeer food} all over the wet bricks. Scott and I just burst out laughing. SO very like Jack to do that!

We still took Christmas Eve pictures in front of the tree, as we always do, with the kiddos. This time, we're just in REALLY casual clothes from staying at home for four days straight!

Right at 6:05 AM, Nathan and Jack came barging into our bedroom, with cries of, "It's Christmas! It's Christmas, Mommy!! Wake up!" I made them curl up in bed with me while Daddy checked to see if Santa came.

Of course, I didn't wake Henry for the excitement. No way was I bothering my three month old who sleeps until 7:30 every morning! I didn't become a mom yesterday! He had his magical Christmas morning around 8:00. :)

Scott "and I" bought the boys a kayak. I put "and I" in quotations, because I never in a million years would have bought this for them {mainly because I was the parent who had to witness Jack drowning this summer and leap into the water to save him....nine months pregnant....another story for another time}.

Sweet little man got mainly books and a few sweet baby trinkets.

The worst part of all was that after four days of sickness, I was hit hardest ON Christmas Day. I just laid on the couch, without any energy to really move. It was no fun. Yay Christmas 2016! Wah-waaaah. ;)