Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The 100th Day of School

Today is Nathan's 100th day of school! The task? "Dress like a 100 year old man."

Was he successful?

Well, of course he was!

Nathan and I headed out to Walgreen's last night, because I waited until the last minute to get my wheels turning on this. "Do you have any face paint?" I asked an employee. "No, ma'am," he replied, giving me an are-you-crazy look. Nathan wanted to buy a cane so badly, but the cheapest one was like thirty bucks. No way! So, we bought a pair of reading glasses for ten dollars and left.

I ended up mixing white ink from a stamp pad with black paint to get a grey beard on my child. And I put baby powder and hair spray in his hair. It turned out great! {You just can't tell in these pictures!}

"Mom, this is my old man face," he said.

Well, I think your old man face is adorable, you cutie pie!

He was so, so, so excited to get to school and show his teacher, Mrs. Bratton, his "costume." And if you ask me, he was the best looking old man in there! ;)

A Valentine's Visit

Well, it's easy to say that my favorite gift this Valentine's Day was a visit from my mom and dad! We had a wonderful visit with them. It was bitterly cold the entire time they were here, so all of our activities were indoors!

We ate out at a couple of our favorite restaurants, Bent Mountain Bistro and Wasena Tap and Grill.

{Of course, when Pops and BeeGee are in town, you sit in their laps and not in your chair! Duh.}

Both of the boys' Valentine's Day parties were on Friday, the 12th. I was one of the party moms for Jack's class. Nathan was very jealous! I kept telling him, "I'm the party mom for your Easter party! I can't be in two places at once! Cool your jets!"

They were most especially excited to wear their adorable shirts that their BeeGee sewed for them!

I had so much fun in Jack's class. I decorated the classroom with red streamers, and I had a fun heart wreath craft for the kiddos, and I brought along a Valentine's Day book that played music. I told everyone they had to stand up and dance. It was precious! And Jack was glued.to.me.the.entire.time. Sweet boy would not participate at all {except for the craft and the eating of the cupcake--"Mommy, can I have two cupcakes, please??"}. He just clung to me the entire time. And I loved it!

The next day, we all went to go see Kung Fu Panda 3. The boys really enjoyed it!

Valentine's Day, we skipped church and I stayed in my pajamas for a good portion of the day! We sure enjoyed Pops and BeeGee coming to town to see us, as we always do! This Valentine's Day was extra sweet, that's for sure!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Daddy And Me Day

Both of the boys had "Daddy and Me Day" at school this week. Nathan's special day was yesterday, and Jack's was today.

Nathan James was so, so, so excited! When it came time to get dressed, he asked, "What shirt do you think Dad will think is the most handsome?" And, when I was combing his hair, he said, "Do my hair JUST like Dad's!"

How precious is that!?

We pulled into the parking lot, and Nathan said, "My stomach hurts a little bit."

"Really, sugar?" I asked

"Well," he replied, "It always hurts a little bit on Daddy and Me Day."

He was equal parts anxious and excited, I do believe!

They had a great time together! :)

Jack, being the three year old that he is, was not worrying over his hair and his choice of shirt this morning. He was simply stoked to be spending the morning with his dad!

When we pulled in the parking lot {when your hubby gets to work at 5:00 AM, he can't exactly take the kiddos to school. ugh. annoying.}, and Jack saw Scott's truck, he started screaming, "DADDY!!! DADDY!!!"

I picked up Jack this afternoon from school, and the first thing I asked him was how Daddy and Me Day went. "Mom! We ate doughnuts! I really liked that food! But, we didn't have cupcakes. Just grapes and oranges." I laughed. True to form, Jack was thinking about his tummy. :)

I'm so blessed to have these two boys. They're so different and wonderful and unique. And I'm so blessed, as are they, to have Scott. He really is the best daddy. Most nights, he comes home late and exhausted, and he gives his all to his family. I couldn't ask for a better man! And the boys couldn't ask for a better daddy!