Monday, June 19, 2017

Henry At Nine Months

You, Henry Thomas, are just the cutest thing in the universe! You are so happy!

You're pulling up to standing all the time now!

You have two bottom teeth, and one has just broken through on the top!

You're obsessed with your big brothers! Obsessed.

You're pulling over chairs, knocking over things on tables, and generally going after anything and everything you shouldn't be. {Ahem, exhausting}

You go to bed at 6:50 PM, and you wake around 5:50 AM. You nap twice a day.

You're still being breastfed, but you can now use a sippy cup.

You eat yogurt, baby food mixed with rice cereal, peanut butter, turkey, cheese, apples, watermelon, veggie straws, strawberry fig newtons, and WHATEVER MOMMY IS EATING!

All the ladies in the church nursery say you're the cutest and they're in love with you!

You're loud, for being the youngest. You've got a lot to say.

You're loved, cherished, adored, treasured, prayed over and for, and celebrated! Happy nine months, little baby!

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